Bulldogs Urgent Mission Program to Expedite Re-Adoption

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Our mission is to create new beginnings for Bulldogs in need.

Whether it's the loss of a job, loss of your home, landlord restrictions, a growing family, or even divorce, at BUMPER Bulldog Rescue we understand the unfortunate situations and hardships families go through. Therefore, we understand when families are forced to make the difficult decision to surrender their Bulldog.

We at BUMPER Bulldog Rescue love, respect, and adore the Bulldog breed. We understand the care, attention, and level of responsibilities that go into having a Bulldog. Providing proper vet care, treatment, safety, and loving homes are our focus and mission.

So if you or someone you know is having to make the difficult decision of surrendering a Bulldog, or have information of a Bulldog in need of rescue, please contact us at:

Or find us on FaceBook at: https://www.facebook.com/BumperBulldogRescue

Or you can reach us by phone at:
Melissa & Jesse Sanchez-(516) 603-1696
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