Bulldogs Urgent Mission Program to Expedite Re-Adoption

How To Donate

"Rescues are non-profit groups run by volunteers that help save animals solely by donations. Funds donated or raised are crucial to any rescue. It's through generous donations that rescues can continue to rescue animals and give them a chance at a wonderful fulfilling life.
Unfortunately, some of the Bulldogs we rescue have been neglected, starved and underweight, and in dire need of medical care. BUMPER depends on generous donations of any denomination to help care for and provide the necessary essentials that these Bulldogs need such as vet care, medicine, treatment programs, and supplies.
At BUMPER, we strive to make a difference in the lives of this wonderful Bulldog breed. If you would like to make a donation towards the much needed care of our rescue Bulldogs and help make a difference in the lives of this amazing breed, please make a donation today. We at BUMPER Bulldog Rescue including all the BUMPER bullies appreciate all the help, support, and donations received and myself and Jesse thank-you from the bottoms of our hearts, for helping us continue to save another Bulldog in need."
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